At FMIC, we are specialized in implementing methods for intrusion detection in private air spaces of unauthorized drones, with intentions of espionage or sabotage, using state-of-the-art technology.

FMIC works on drone detection in its four phases: take-off and ascent, cruise, work, approach and landing.


  • Comprehensive security analysis of the environment and detection of critical points.
  • Establishment of mitigation measures and safe flight zones.
  • Implementation of action protocols.
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities.

  •  Implementation of drone detection measures in security departments.
  • Detection service using UMA (Mobile Antidron Unit).
  • Pilot and aircraft geolocation system.
  • Selection and implementation of the best detection system for the service.

  • Design and implementation of protocols for drone neutralization, under the supervision of Security Forces and Bodies.
  • Risk calculation for potential attacks with drones in Critical Infrastructures.
  • Development of PSIAD (Comprehensive Anti-Drone Security Plan).

  • Database development with payloads and commercial drone models.
  • Post-incident expert report for damage assessment and mitigation measures.
  • Drafting and evaluation of preventive measures against possible incursions.
  • Collaboration with Security Forces and Bodies.