At FMIC we do not sell drones, we help our clients improve their processes with the incorporation of drones, whenever legally possible.

All of the operations offered by FMIC to its clients are covered under the Air Navigation Laws and Regulations that AESA, AENA / ENAIRE, FOMENTO and the Ministry of Defense require from any Drones operator. For your safety and before contracting this type of services, demand from the bidding company the documentation that the drone operators must have by law according to Royal Decree 1036/2017.


  • Qualifications as a Drone Operator to companies or individuals
  • Documentary audits prior delivery to AESA
  • Performing Aeronautical Safety Studies, Coordinations with Air Traffic Managers (Control Tower), Aircraft Technical Sheets and other documentation
  • Obtaining permits for flights in Controlled Airspace, Urban Environment and Night Operations
  • Advice on aircraft typology and operations for services
  • Roof and facade inspection
  • Supervision of large areas
  • Detection of pathologies in facades
  • Image capture during evacuation drills
  • Making promotional videos for companies
  • Design and integration of services with drones

FMIC is a company authorized by AESA to operate with drones

FMIC is a member of the Catalunya Smart Drone

FMIC is enabled as a drone operator since 2014