Antidrone day for security, defense and critical infrastructures

FMIC participated in the technology conference for the detection and neutralization of #Drones that was held on March 15 in CETSE (Centro Tecnologico de Seguridad – Security Technology Center). On this day, our General Director, Francisco Martínez, highlighted the role of the Facility Manager in risk management and the integration of security within the strategic […]

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Your phone, that massive time thief

  It is very easy to talk on the phone, it is so familiar and everyday that we are able to do it without receiving classes on how to do it. It may even seem ridiculous to invest time in applying some good practices that improve our learning system, we become “self-taught” in the use […]

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The Great Wall of China

STILL.. SO CHINA IS IN ITS 5,000 YEARS OF EMPIRE WHICH WAS INVESTED IN 3 OCCASIONS, DO YOU KNOW HOW THEY GOT IT? They entered through the main door … Do you imagine how?   The Mongol army entered thanks to the help of the personnel that guarded and maintained the doors of the main […]

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Facility Management as added value for companies

The vast majority of company directors know about the advantages of Facility Management, which, when well understood and correctly implemented, allow saving between 15% and 30% of operational services. The UNE 15221-1 standard defines Facility Management as: “Integration of processes within an organization in order to maintain and develop the agreed services that support and […]

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