We are a group of specialists in Facility Management or building management and its general services, adding more than 50 years in building management, each in its specialty.

The management of more than 500 office buildings, 20 courthouses, 10 prisons, 6 hospitals, more than 4,000 homes and the training of 300 Facility Managers in Spain and Latin America, guarantee our work.


INDEPENDENCE: As service advisors, we always take care of our independence from third parties, especially when making decisions regarding suppliers or partners of our client.

RELIABILITY: No data or knowledge acquired in the advisory process will be transmitted to third parties, putting into practice the craft advice of our client.

OBJECTIVITY: Our advice bases its success on the evaluation of the risks and opportunities of each decision.

COMPETITION: We only offer our advice in those fields in which we have experience.


Our services are aimed at people and organizations that manage buildings and their services in both the private and public sectors:

Facility Management

FMIC has managed more than 5000 real estate assets based on its own model and over 50 years of accumulated experience.


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FMIC is authorized by the Ministry of Interior and has a security department registered in the National Registry of Private Security with number 987.


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At FMIC we use our own methodology to provide our students with specialized training.

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Drones and C-UAS

At FMIC we are specialists in the implementation of drone and C-UAS technology in public and private security.

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FMIC participated in the technology conference for the detection and neutralization of #Drones that was held on March 15 in CETSE (Centro Tecnologico de Seguridad – Security Technology Center). On this day, our General Director, Francisco Martínez, highlighted the role of the Facility Manager in risk management and the integration of security within the strategic […]

  It is very easy to talk on the phone, it is so familiar and everyday that we are able to do it without receiving classes on how to do it. It may even seem ridiculous to invest time in applying some good practices that improve our learning system, we become “self-taught” in the use […]