Among the services that a Facility Manager manages, is security, which must be managed under the same criteria as other services, although it is undoubtedly the most critical service for an organization.


At FMIC, we are specialized in implementing, managing and auditing services in high security environments, such as critical infrastructures, strategic infrastructures or any activity where security takes precedence over business.

With the incorporation in 2019 of cybersecurity services, specifically OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence), we provide coverage, at all levels, to our clients.

FMIC has a Security Department registered with No. 987 in the National Registry of Private Security of the Ministry of Interior.


  • Pre-security audit diagnosis
  • Comprehensive Security Audit
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Tender and contracting of security service
  • Development of security procedures and protocols with drones
  • Mock protection against a terrorist attack

  • Self-Protection Plans (PAU)
  • Emergency and Evacuation Plans
  • Emergency Team Formation
  • Evacuation Drills Directorate
  • Study of vulnerabilities to a fire
  • Technical audits of fire installations

  • Search and rescue in large areas with drones
  • Preventive search for fire conatos in large areas and drone forests
  • Collaboration with Civil Protection in search and rescue work with drones
  • Collaboration with ADF 249 in fire prevention with drones


  • Analyze theft and information leakage
  • Cybersecurity in OT networks (SCADA)
  • Analyze relationships between people, organizations and companies
  • Cyber ​​risk assessment of the organization
  • Red Team audits
  • Digitization of processes for crisis management and emergency plans for Critical Infrastructures

FMIC Security Department No. 987 Registered in the National Registry of Private Security Ministry of Interior

FMIC is authorized by the Generalitat de Catalunya to collaborate with ADF249, Puigmadrona-Olorda in fire prevention, search and rescue operations with Drones

FMIC collaborates with the Valencian Association of Security Directors